• Nakki Lake - 0.5 K.M.

    The lake is picturesquely set amidst hills, 1200 meters. above sea level and is believed to have been carved out by the Gods with their nails.

    It is popular spot for boating. The surrounding hills have several areas of interest.

  • Adhar devi - 1.0 K.M.

    This is a beautiful temple chiselled out of a huge rock, formed by a natural cleft. It is also known as the Arbuda Devi Temple.

    A climb of 360 steps up the hill, leads to the place where homage to the Goddess can be paid. It is believed that the image of the Goddess was originally hanging in mid air, hence the name Adhar Devi.

  • Delwara temple - 3.0 K.M.

    Mount Abu was an important Vaishnava and Shaivite pilgrim centre up to the 11th Century. Today, it is recognised the world over for its magnificent Jain temples. No visit to Abu can be complete without a trip to the DILWARA TEMPLE. These temples are the greatest draw of Abu, apart from its salubrious climate.

    Timings :1200 to 1800 hrs for Tourists
    Entry : Free
    Photography : Not allowed

  • Achalgarh - 11.0 K.M.

    This majestic fort, built by Rana Kumbha of Mewar in the 14th century, houses some magnificent temples. The important ones are - the temple of Achaleswar Mahadev (1412 A.D.) and Kantinath Jain temple (1513 A.D.), having a gold plated image.

    Mandakini Kund near Achaleswar temple and the sculpture of Parmar Dharavarsh are of special interest.

  • Guru Shikhar - 17.0 K.M.

    Known as the saint's pinnacle, it is the highest peak of Aravalis rising up to 1772 meters. above sea level. It affords a panoramic view of the adjoining areas and has a small Shaivite shrine and temple of Dattatreya, a saint whose footprints are carved within.

    Similar footprints of Ramananda, the great Vaishnavite preacher, can be seen a little further on, and a little distance down below, at the base of the rock, is a great bell suspended by a wooden frame, which has Gujarati inscription dating back to 1411 A.D.

  • Sunset Point - 2.0 K.M.

    It is a beautiful site which provides a lovely view of the setting Sun. South West of Nakki Lake, one can see the Sun gradually drown itself in the azure sky between two mountain peaks.

    Steps lead up to a high terrace which offers an awe inspiring view of the setting Sun.

  • Honeymoon Point - 3.0 K.M.

    Until recently known as the Anadra Point, this place provides a pleasant view of the verdant valley and plains.

    It looks especially beautiful at sunset hour, when it acquires a serene aura.

  • Om Shanti Bhawan- 1.5 K.M.

    Also known as the Universal Peace Hall, it is the World Spiritual University of the Brahma Kumaris.

    It has a big hall without any pillars, which can accommodate up to 3500 people.

  • Peacepark - 7.0 K.M.

    The Park Is an oasis of natural beauty found only 8 kms from the Brahma Kumaris Headquarters in Mount Abu.

    Part of the charm of the park is that it is lovingly cared for by dedicated Brahma Kumars and Kumaris who delight in welcoming thousands of tourists to the park every day.

  • Gyan Sarovar - 5.0 K.M.

    Gyan Sarovar is officially known as ‘The Academy for a Better World’. The name Gyan Sarovar is reminiscent of ‘Mansarovar’, about which a legend goes that anyone who dipped into the lake emerged in the form of a fairy or an angel.

    Gyan Sarovar is an environment which enables individuals to dip into the ‘Lake of Knowledge’ and emerge highly transformed.

  • Gaumukh - 5.0 K.M.

    Many sages and seers had their retreats on Mt. Abu, the most famous being sage Vashishta. To regenerate the human race, he performed a 'yagya' or magic fire from which were born the agnikula clans of Chauhans, Solankis, Parmars and Pratihars.

    A natural spring that flows through a sculpted cow's head, gives the shrine its name. It is accessible by car or jeep up to 3 km from where a descent of 750 steps has to be covered by foot.

How to Reach by Air


To reach Mount Abu by Air:
The nearest airport is Udaipur at a distance of 185 km, But Ahmedabad is having better connectivity and daily flights with other parts of the country and is just 221 KM from Mount Abu.

How to Reach by Rail


To reach Mount Abu by Rail:
Abu Road is the nearest railway station just 28 KM from the main city, Which is very well connected by rail routes to New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, and Mumbai.

How to Reach by Road


To reach Mount Abu by Road:
Mount Abu is well connected by road with major cities of the country, nearest national highway no. 14 is just 24 KM's.